Hey Hey Loves, Happy almost SPRING!

As brutal wintry days pass us by and sunny days come to offer us warmth, I can’t help but feel elated about the beautiful sight of flowers blooming and colors radiating throughout the day. Just imagine: you step out of your home, see the sun brightly shining, feel the warmth of the sun on your cheeks, and smell the fragrance of florals budding forth. Ahh it’s light jacket season y’all! Who’s excited with me?! 

So to officially commemorate light jacket season, even though we’re still 7 days away, I donned my fave light jacket to church. My outfit was pretty laid back as well.


The inspiration for my look was an item I borrowed from the boys. I absolutely love this white button up Armani Exchange shirt. It’s a thrift item I found in the Men’s section at Plato’s closet. I had a vision of a shirt I wanted, but I couldn’t find it at my favorite stores 😦 . After tirelessly looking at the women’s section at other stores, I FINALLY came across this beauty and all became well in my closet 🙂 I’m slowly learning that some fashion pieces can be borrowed from the boys. In fact a lot of fashion pieces have been borrowed from the boys for many years. Take the boyfriend jeans for example, everyone has at least a pair in their wardrobe; it’s a versatile piece. I feel such pieces can be used to create a simple chic look or a more clean crisp look. I initially thought buying/wearing a men’s shirt was a weird idea, but I’m glad I tried something different.

I decided to style the shirt with a pair of navy blue slim fit pants for a dressy, yet relaxed look. The day before was an action packed day for me, so I wanted to be comfortable more than anything lol. An outfit and a few accessories later, I must say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  I think I’ll add this look to my “favorite list.”



Jacket: Gift

A/X Button-Up Shirt:

Slim fit pants:

Michael Antonio Nude Pumps:

Structured Purse:

Chandelier Necklace:


A few parting words: Don’t be afraid to try something out of the box; you may discover a precious gem.

Stay strong lovies as we anticipate Spring!




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