About Me

Hey Loves!

My name is Moyo (pronounced Moe- Yaw), most people call me Mo. I am a lover of Christ and a woman of radical faith…I’m for all things true, noble, pure, and FABULOUS! Yes, Christians can be fabulous too. I love the Word, colors, patterns, fabrics, notes, beats, and rhythm; Truth + Radiant Outfits + Great Music= My Endless Bliss. I am the first of 5 children (2 biological siblings and 2 “adoptive” siblings), a  recovering shoe-a-holic, and a “freelance” stylist (so I’ve heard lol).

For some reason most people seem to think I’m funny; I’m just a lady who loves to make people feel happy, comfortable, and loved. I enjoy reading, writing, and encouraging others to see the beauty within themselves and in the world. I have a passion for youths, especially those who grow up within the church. Most don’t get their voices heard until it’s “too late”; I’m here to eradicate that…SO HELP ME GOD! I wish to travel around the world to experience its elegant artistry and certainly to go SHOPPING.

I am a natural introvert and a learned extrovert; I have my moments of silence and outbursts. I’m on a mission to create outfits from items in my wardrobe without buying anything new for the next few months(pray for me y’all!) HA! that lasted a few months until the shopping bug bit me! Blame holiday sales…Yes, I’m a babe on a budget.

Welcome to my world of outfits + alphabetic musings, let’s get to know one another, and I hope you have a RADtastic experience sharing in my  journey!

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