March: Make a Move

Happy New Month RADsters! It’s the last month of Q1 2020, how are you feeling? How are you doing with the many changes that you’ve experienced thus far in 2020? I’ve been adjusting to a few changes myself; they haven’t all been easy to accommodate, but the way in which life is currently unraveling makes it all certainly worth it.

GOOD NEWS: Remember the exam I mentioned I was studying for in the last post? Thanks to Jesus, I am pleased to share that I passed that portion!!! *5 Minute praise break* Won’t He do it?! Based on the circumstances that surrounded me while I prepared, there was NO WAY I should have passed, BUT GOD! I am one step closer to achieving a goal I honestly did not consider myself qualified to achieve; it appears God knew differently.  This process has been a humbling one; I am growing to understand what it means to see myself through God’s eyes and be truly led through life step-by-step. I will tell all once everything is complete and the dust settles. For now, I’ll share posts as they are inspired by this process.

So, I was reflecting on how far I have come throughout this process, and I realize that it is imperative that we make moves, good or bad (preferably good ones). Picture this: it’s June 2010, a young 20 something-year-old, a newly minted College graduate hears distinctively “you are going to pursue this professionally.” “Ummm, how about no! I don’t have what it takes to pursue this, especially not with what I currently lack. Besides, it’s too much work.”

7 years later, God sends multiple reminders “Just do it.” “Have you considered this?” “You have what it takes!” Afraid, I submitted to the process; as difficult as the process has been I am glad I submitted. My perspective on life, especially doing life with Christ, has shifted tremendously because of this experience. I am more organized, more disciplined with my time, more intentional about who and what I allow in my physical and mental space. I have come to personally know God as Jireh (Provider), El-Shaddai (All-Sufficient), Rapha (Healer), Emmanuel (God with us), Omnipotent (All-powerful), Counselor, and many more!

Simply put, I am a better version of myself and going deeper into my relationship with God by making the move to step forward. What is one thing you know God has imparted on your heart? What’s stopping you from moving? Are you expecting it to just happen since it is a word from God?

Listen RADster, you cannot sit on your buns and not move expecting miracles, breakthroughs, or growth. None of these happen passively; you must take action, do the work, and THEN God blesses your efforts. I was meditating on Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT, and I had the craziest epiphany! I was so rocked by it that I shared it on Instagram. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. 

You must first position yourself in preparation to receive what God has promised you! James mentions in James 2:26 that faith without works [action] is dead. Think back to the miracles that Jesus performed while He was here on earth, you can read about one of them in this post. With each miracle, Jesus said to the benefactors “your faith has made you whole.” Humor me for a few minutes, will you? While you read about these miracles, can you identify the action these people took that positioned them in the right place at the right time?

That’s right! They made a move.

I watched a message by one of my favorite preachers, Bishop T.D. JAKES; the message is titled “Getting in God’s path” you can watch it here after you have finished reading this post of course lol. In his message, Bishop Jakes talks about how a man, Zacchaeus, chose to get in God’s path in order to be able to see Jesus make his way through the city, met Jesus, which in turn granted him and his family access to salvation. Imagine for a moment that Zacchaeus prayed endlessly that God would bring salvation his way, and instead of getting in God’s path and positioning himself he decided to stay in his house or his workplace. Do you think he would have been seen by Jesus as he made his way through the city? Or imagine the woman with a 12 year-long period, (yup you read that right! Google Mark 16 and read about her) who pushed her way through a crowd desperately hoping to simply touch Jesus’ robe to get her healing. Consider this: if she had not decided to get up, walk outside, and push through the crowd would she have received her healing? Remember that there were hundreds and thousands of people also chasing after Jesus for their own healing. Despite this reality, she made her move.

If you have not already guessed by now, this is my call to action for you RADster: MAKE YOUR MOVE! It does not have to be a grand move as society informs you that it should. Just make one small decision, take one tiny step, do one thing to help you get into position. God is waiting on your move.

Below is a quick guide to help you march into position if you find it difficult to get started.

  1. On a blank piece of paper/page write down a goal or vision you have. For example: “Obtain a degree”, “pass an exam”, “get dream job.”
  2. Down the page, list each step you need to take to accomplish the goal or manifest the vision. Using the “obtain a degree” example: “Research colleges,” “identify colleges to apply to,” “visit colleges,” “Apply,” “Receive acceptance letters,” “Decide which college to attend,” “Pay tuition,” “Schedule classes,” and so forth.
  3. Write out substeps if more activity is necessary to complete steps you listed in number 2. Using the “Apply” step for example, substeps could be “Print application,” “complete application form,” “write essay,” “obtain recommendations.”
  4. Make your move: start with step 1 TODAY.

Congratulations, you have set your plan in motion! Continue to complete the steps on the list and watch how God crowns your efforts and unravels blessings.  You can take things a step further and set a deadline for yourself; this will help with self-accountability. Better yet, get an accountability partner (yoo-hoo! pick me! or your bestie). Let’s make those moves together this month; March into position (immense level of pun intended).




I’d like to provide an opportunity to those who are yet to meet with Jesus. If you have a deep desire to know Jesus and enter into the kingdom of God you are in great company. I did at some point in my life, and it was the greatest desire that God ever met! I invite you to pray the sinner’s prayer:

Dear Jesus, I accept that I am a sinner and I confess my sins before you. I believe that you died for my sins and rose again to give me a new life.  I ask that you forgive me of my sins; cleanse me with your precious blood which you shed on the cross of Calvary. I accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit and strengthen me. I profess that I am a new creature; old things have passed away and I have become new in You. Thank You, Lord! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

If you prayed the prayer, WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM FAMILY!! You are a new creature, the old has passed and the new is here! Be sure to find a bible believing, Spirit-led church in your city and purchase a bible in a version that you understand. I use the  New Living Translation, Message, or the New International Version. Enjoy the journey!

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