BackPage Pass (Behind the Scenes)

Hey Loves!👋

How was your day?! What’d you do? I’m sure you had a fantastic one…I look forward to hearing all about it (Leave comments below).

So I thought I’d grant you a backstage backpage pass to AbsolutelyRAD and briefly share a few behind the scene details with y’all, you know a brief synopsis of this entire “hub” of RADsters. Here is why I decided to start a blog and how I came up with the blog name.

I actually never had the desire to start a blog, in fact, I avoided it like the plague😷. I remember one of my closest friends wanted herself, myself, and a few others to start a blog about 2 years ago; that never really happened, and we seemed cool with the hiccup lol.

So anyway, back to the WHY BLOG? question. As I stated in my About Me post, I enjoy reading and writing, and I like to share my thoughts and findings with my friends and followers. I found myself flooding Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter timelines with my random mid-day musings and mental projectile. As we all know, these platforms have character limits which essentially create a break in the flow of thoughts… WOMP WOMP😔…so I was always forced to post multiple status updates. I know I know those can be annoying right? 🙈. It got so bad that one of my friends said to me “I love your write-ups, but you seem to need more space to type. You should start a blog!” Seeing as though I began to overflow with thoughts…I decided “I will start a blog” and start I DID! 😄

Now you’re wondering “so where did the fashion piece come from?” Well, due to my shop-a-holic ways (judge me not) I have a collection of items. I get thrilled to play dress-up so much that I would spend time daydreaming (and night dreaming lol) about outfits, I am an advocate for looking your best at all times- you never know who you’ll run into during your day, and I wanted to create a fashion “look book” site of some sort. 

Why Absolutely R.A.D.? I initially wanted to use “SomethingRAD,” but that address was already registered and sadly not active, so I needed to change it up. The word “absolutely” rolls off my tongue very often, so I replaced “something” with “absolutely” and voila! *relieved sigh* that was easy! I came up with “R.A.D.” because 1. I love the word RADIANT, it resonates beauty to me; the kind of beauty that shines from within the soul,  2. Rad means fashionable, and I knew I wanted a fashion element to the blog, and 3. I wanted to have faith-based blog features (see RAD at Heart section) and the word RADICAL as in “radical faith” popped up. Evidently, the root of some of my favorite words is RAD, but there needed to be a twist. I wanted RAD to mean something, so my bestfriend and I came up with Radiant Authentic and Dazzling! ∗TA DAAA!∗ And all things became well in blogger world.

So there you have it, a BackPage pass to my blog. Welcome, RADsters!