Come In: A vulnerable post

Hi RADsters! Happy New Month! I know I know, we are literally at the tail end of the month, nonetheless, it's a new month since the last time I posted was last month. How did you enjoy the last blog post? What did you do for Valentine's Day? I spent mine with my First Love …

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Finding Balance: What do we do now?

Hi there, I'm glad you're here! If you are new, welcome to AbsolutelyRAD where we learn how to develop and live a Radiant, Authentic, and Dazzling lifestyle! If you have been part of the RADster community, hey RADster! How are you holding up during these times of COVID-19 outbreaks, stay at home orders, and social …

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Grab a cup of tea or coffee, let's chat... Can I be honest for a second? Fear and Doubt took over. So there I was, sitting at my desk at work during what seemed like the longest week of my life, not just for me but for my family. 2017 started off extremely action packed; …

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what do you fear the most? Has that "thing" actually happened or is it the "possibility" of its occurrence that cripples you and debilitates you from moving forward or stepping ahead?