STOP! This isn’t a performance, this is your purpose.

WARNING: This post might shine a bright light into dark covered crevices of your heart. It’s time for spring cleaning; let’s redesign our closets shall we?!

So you think all your friends and followers are absolutely invested in your destiny and success. 4 out 5 of those from whom you seek applause are diligently pursuing their own purposes while you “perform” for the likes and retweets. That’s right! Maybe 25% of your followership is actually interested in constantly watching you work/invest in achieving your goals.

Now now, don’t get me wrong IG, Snapchat, Twitter, among the other millions of apps are all fun and a great way to connect with loved ones. Most are there to pray for you and celebrate your successes with you, and that’s awesome! However, there’s a thin line between connecting and performing. I realize that a majority of us, especially youths of this generation, are engrossed with getting like for likes and retweets just to receive social media accolades and possible “fame.”

I saw this quote during my social media cheats, and it spoke to me in more ways than one. One perspective was that true service is when you continue working without a “great job” or a “thank you.” It’s not feeling entitled because you’ve done good for others. While I was meditating on this, I got another perspective :

You must be prepared to work without the expected support. Your destiny and purpose go beyond a double-tap, a swipe, or a retweet. Your destiny depends on your work and dedication with or without the applause.

Handle it with care, push through those challenges, meet those goals, accomplish those dreams because this is not a performance, but it is your life!

Consider this for a minute, you worked hard on your dreams/visions, you post about them and for whatever reason, you get ZERO likes, would you stop working toward your dreams or would you dust your shoulders off and keep pushing? Think really deeply about that. I mean, there may be times when NO ONE supports your God-given agenda, and you need to be ok with that. Work hard for the approval of One —God. Taken from my favorite book and disciple “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others...” Philippians 2:3a. Jesus also said it best “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Mark 8:38

Substitute soul for purpose. Is the applause worth reneging your purpose/talent? Are you truly, effectively walking out your destiny as God ordered? Or is all of it just a show to seem as though you’re doing something with yourself? Yes, getting feedback and encouragement creates a boost of confidence in the pursuit of our goals, but they can’t be the basis for our pursuit.

I’ll be honest, when I first started my blog, 3 years ago, I was horrified! I thought “no one would read it, I don’t even have any likes, no one is following the blog, what’s the point anyway?” A few more posts in, still no likes, little to no readership…I was Mortified! Discouragement set in really quickly, and then God spoke clearly to me “Are you doing this for gratification or to make a difference in someone’s life? I’ve assigned you a task, souls are at stake.”😳 Well alright then Lord! If that wasn’t a wake-up call🤓.

Simply put, there’s much more to you putting in work than for the applause or the likes. Someone somewhere out there NEEDS you to work and walk in purpose and on purpose. Don’t wait for the applause before you dive right in and start effecting God’s will for your life! To be honest, none of us- including the Archbishop, Bishop, Junior Bishop, Assistant Bishop, Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Prophet, Apostle, and Disciple- can afford to lose sight of the most important applause:

Well done my good and faithful servant.

Your purpose and assignment has nothing to do with you and your emotions or whether other people understand, agree with, or support it. It’s got nothing to do with the approval of man, but of God. This is why I pray to be as committed as Paul, he gave zero cares about that stuff…

“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.” Galatians 1:10 NLT

So as we stand in this closet, contents disheveled and all over, with lights blaring into every crevice, let’s be introspective: “how could this apply to me? In which area of my purpose have I allowed the need for applause stifle my zeal? Whose applause do I live for?” If you do discover that you may have veered off in your pursuit, there is hope for renewal. Ask God to take you back. “Lord take me back to where I first received that vision, assignment, and mandate. Revive the passion for YOU and nothing else.”

This isn’t a one time one and done assessment; it’s one we each need to conduct as often as necessary because we’re constantly developing. Now back to mode Kumbaya- let’s put this closet back together and let’s grow together 🤗

In love and support,


I’d like to provide an opportunity to those who are yet to meet with Jesus. If you have a deep desire to know Jesus and enter into the kingdom of God you are in great company. I did at some point in my life, and it was the greatest desire that God ever met! 

I invite you to pray the sinner’s prayer: Dear Jesus, I accept that I am a sinner and I confess my sins before you. I believe that you died for my sins and rose again to give me a new life.  I ask that you forgive me of my sins; cleanse me with your precious blood which you shed on the cross of Calvary. I accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit and strengthen me. I profess that I am a new creature; old things have passed away and I have become new in You. Thank You, Lord! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

If you prayed the prayer, WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM FAMILY!! You are a new creature, the old has passed and the new is here! Be sure to find a bible believing, Spirit-led church in your city and purchase a bible in a version that you understand. I use the  New Living Translation, Message, Free Bible, Christian Standard Bible, or the New International Version. Enjoy the journey!

4 thoughts on “STOP! This isn’t a performance, this is your purpose.

  1. Great post, I especially love this part: “Simply put, there’s much more to you putting in work than for the applause or the likes. Someone somewhere out there NEEDS you to work and walk in purpose and on purpose. Don’t wait for the applause before you dive right in and start effecting God’s will for your life!” Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. Wow! Thank you for taking time out to read and comment on this post. I’m especially glad that this part of the post spoke to you. This work goes beyond us.

      Cheers to pushing on in purpose!🧡


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