The “unwoke” Body

Hey RADsters! Happy End of the Month!! How quick did April fly?? I can’t believe we are already 4 months into the year; God is good!

This published post is exactly 2 weeks late 🙈 and as embarrassed as I am to say it, it’s better late than never. Maybe this message is necessary at this time than 2 weeks ago (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). In any case, let’s jump right into the fun!

14 days ago Christians, along with the rest of the world, celebrated one of the most pivotal events in our faith. That’s right Easter, or as some others call it, Resurrection Sunday. It was a much anticipated Sunday- some people chose to sacrifice one of their favorite activities for 40 days leading up to this spectacular Sunday, while others chose to study the last 7 sayings of Jesus for 40 days leading up to it- Easter Sunday was and still is a pretty BIG deal!

Easter Sunday was a BIG deal for me because myself and my Kingdom family in Christ collectively reflected on and rejoiced for the greatest expression of God’s love toward us. I mean…an ONLY son, God Himself, willingly relinquished His glorious throne so that I could gain an all-access pass to that throne at some point. GLORY! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 So it comes as no surprise to learn that I excitedly wished everyone a Happy Easter Sunday and vice versa. The celebratory mood was in full swing, until *cue suspense music*, one of my friends mentioned that she’d been “schooled” earlier because she wished someone a “Happy Easter” instead of a “Happy Resurrection Sunday.” *PUMP THE BRAKES*

I’m sorry what?🤔

Yup, a well meaning Christian (WMC) went ahead to school another Christian on the reason she should never say Happy Easter.  WMC explained that Easter had nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understood WMC’s perspective- the whole history and origin of the word Easter (feel free to read the pic below if you’d like to learn the history)- but then I wondered to myself “Is God that petty to care about whether we call it Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday? Isn’t it about the victory that JESUS won?!”

Along with the post above, I saw several proponents and “woke” Christians post about how wrong it is to even mention Easter. Almost like all who mentioned Easter were immediately denounced by God and stripped of His abounding grace. Again I asked myself, “Is God that petty to care about whether we call it Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday?”

Growing up in Nigeria, I always heard “Happy Easter” or “Easter Sunday” with the understanding that we were commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was never about a bunny, an egg, or even candy. So to me, I celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday with one and only one thing in mind: The selflessness of a Savior and its impact on our eternity(John 3:16-18). Shouldn’t that be the real message we propagate on Easter Sunday??

If I counted on my little fingers how many posts I saw about a goddess of love and fertility, or about the bunny and egg in comparison to how many I saw about the death and resurrection of Jesus, I’m ashamed to say the latter fell short. I felt so dejected in my spirit that we as Christians would allow ourselves to be distracted from sharing the one message we celebrated worldwide. We’ve been given a commission to share the Gospel of Jesus, yet we carry our own personal mantle of “wokeness” to illuminate or rather divide our body instead of choosing to unite and draw the unchurched into The Body. It ought not to be so. Who told us that we could afford the time on this earth to get petty about a tagline when we all know that the time of harvest is at hand?! Mark 1:15

It’s so easy for us to get pulled into the debate of whether to call this celebration Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday. In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter if in your heart you believe and know the truth that Jesus came, died, overcame death and rose for you and me. I doubt that God would tell us “depart from me, you used the word Easter not Resurrection.” See how silly that reads?

I’d like to implore us to stay woke to the real distractions that surround us: the falsehood of wokeness. Let’s guard our hearts and be woke in the Spirit and not in worldly expressions.

Let’s chat! Feel free to share your thoughts/comments.



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