Clean Slate


Just a few hours ago I discovered that I lost 40+ notes that I had typed on my iPhone and synced to my Gmail account. I cleaned out all my email folders, a habit I may need to reconsider, so I can’t even retrieve them. I had 3-4 years worth of visions, goals, dreams, plans, prayers, updates, testimonies, memories, experiences, desires, passwords, and many other precious mental projectile that I can’t possible recollect at this moment. I am very disappointed. I feel sad; I tried to call Apple and Google, but neither were of any assistance. All I can do is CRY; like real tears!!!🤧 I started off my 2017 prayer list with my word for the year in preparation for watch night/ crossover service tonight, but *poof* all that’s gone too! 😭😭

What a great way to end 2016: my year of reaching and celebrating!

My dreams and visions, plans and strategies, dates and deadlines all gone. My heart!! This hurts!! WHY GOD WHY??!! I had so many things I wanted to accomplish and now all I can do right in this moment in sulk and marinade in salty tears.

“What a great way to end 2016: my year of reaching and celebrating?! Just great😒” The devil sure is trying to make sure this year ends on a horrible note, but I’m alive, so YEA. I honestly just can’t believe I’m sitting here with NOTHING, not even a draft to work with! Like zilch, nothing, nada!

As I write this, here in this moment, I am reminded of the word I received and the proclamation I made just weeks ago on my 27th birthday: “I am giving the pen that writes my story back to the Author and Finisher.”

WOOOOW Is that what this means?! This may be a far stretch, in fact, I may be slightly deranged and suffering from loss, but dare I imagine that this, this may just be divine intervention?? Is this God’s way of starting me from scratch because I was so tied to my own written plans, visions, and goals? Is this God’s way of starting me off on a clean slate? Somehow I feel a sense of calmness, as weird as it seems right now, I’m feeling more calm. *SIGH*


With tears in my eyes, but hope in my heart I say YES LORD, #WriteYourStory as I literally #NavigateTheUnknown #WithTheAllKnowing. I believe that God, who began a good work within me, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Returns. This is faith in reality, I’m going back to the drawing board, but this time with Jesus as the author, and me as the actor. Pray for me y’all!

Happy New Year’s Eve and Welcome 2017!💋


With Hope,


2 thoughts on “Clean Slate

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