Color me Confident


Color makes the world go round! The eclectic mixture of colors has such a positive effect on moods (I wonder if that’s the idea behind mood rings…hmmmm.) In any case, I have a very strong connection to all things color and patterns. We are simply inseparable, even during the Ice Age we like to call Winter. So, when Maryland got the opportunity to experience a 60-something degree weather day last week, I milked that scarce cow for all it was worth! 😎 I dared to dream about Spring as it slowly but surely makes it’s grand entrance. Side-Note: We’re expecting 1-3 inches of snow tonight as I type, talk about bipolar weather! ugh!

Out thoughts exactly!

I believe I had a color rush that gorgeous morning; I would have worn every color under the sun all over my body if I could. Wait a minute….I think I did, somehow. Haha!

Since I couldn’t literally wear all the colors all over my body, I chose to wear a single clothing item that rightfully captured my ecstasy. I decided to rock a colorful print blouse I bought from an online boutique for a whopping $6!! Gotta love bargain shopping 😉


Style is fashion done YOUR WAY! No need for rules or guidelines, just creativity and confidence.


When I “stumble” onto some outfits, I try to find one thing that captures my attention…well besides the complete look. One thing I like about this look is how my jacket seems to complete the outfit. I literally grabbed a jacket from the coat closet, rushed out of the house only to look into the mirror at church and thought “would you look at that! How lovely!” 💡

the quality of your style isn’t always determined by the cost of your clothing items, but by the level of confidence with which you execute it.

Most people don’t believe that my outfits are birthed from random pairing trial and error. I ended up going through a grab-fest and a few minutes later created this look. Somehow, the outfit came together nicely lol. After all style is fashion done YOUR WAY! No need for rules or guidelines, just creativity and confidence.

I often tell people, the quality of your style isn’t always determined by the cost of your clothing items, but by the level of confidence with which you execute it. We’ve all seen Missy Elliot rock the mess out of a trash bag once…A TRASH BAG! And what were our thoughts about it then? “It’s futuristic!” “So creative!” “She did that!” She could have easily convinced us that it was a $1,500 garment from a well known designer all because she was bold with it. Nooo, i’m not saying go get a trash bag and attempt to rock it. lol The point I’m trying to make is confidence revamps something that would otherwise be basic.

IMG_2526IMG_2552RAD TIP: You are what you believe. The course of your life depends partly on what God has already predestined, but it also depends partly on what you internalize.

So, if you believe you look “raggedy” simply because you don’t have on the latest BCBG dress or those Louboutin red bottom pumps well guess what? you’ll truly carry yourself in a raggedy manner. If you believe you look beautiful, gorgeous, and dazzling in your nameless clothing items, that energy will reflect in the way you switch and sway. Reflect on this: not everyone who has expensive clothes has style. Among other things, a critical accessory anyone needs to pull off style is confidence.

The next time you choose to run wild in your closet full of items from that random boutique off the street or that luxury store at the mall, don’t forget to add the finishing touch of confidence! Do you have difficulty gaining confidence? Look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am beautiful, I am loved, and I look good.” Internalize if you have to, after all these are all true. Trust me, you’ll notice a whole lot of difference 😀

If you’re interested in purchasing similar items, check these out:

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Adieu! Remember: Always walk with your head held high.





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