Hey RADsters!

What’s good?! Happy New Year!!

Gosh, it’s been so long since I last posted. I know I know, 6 months to be exact, but who’s counting? 🙂 There’s so much to catch you up on, and I can’t WAIT to be able to share everything that happened to me since then. *juicy juicy* I have some new things I plan on implementing on the blog this year. In any case today’s post is about a slight little number I sported at a friend’s birthday soirée.

Yup you got it! A RADFit POST 🙂

So you know how you see some celebrities in their “all white yacht party” pics, looking all sophisticated, elegant, snazzy and what not? I always wondered what it’d be like to be in a scene as such. In my 20 something years of living, I never intended to participate in any “All white” event, just day dreamed and kept it moving lol.

CONFESSION: I do not like wearing white. The closest I’ve gotten is wearing off white outfits 😉 In fact, I always dreamt of wearing anything but a white dress at my wedding. That’s how much I never envisioned myself wearing white…ever! Never owned a white outfit in my life, never intended to. But you know what “they” say… “Never say never.” Slight segue: who’s this they?? Has anyone ever met them? If you have, lemme know. Lol


For a friend, I was more than willing to try something different… And I LOVED IT! Now, now let’s not jump the gun; I’m still wearing ivory on my big day so yea. Lol 

The story behind the outfit: due to my lack of anything white in my oh so tiny closet, I needed to purchase something for the birthday event. Now, at the time I wasn’t feeling too well, and we were expecting a cold front in Maryland. The only thing I wanted to do was to be wrapped up like a burrito, in my bed, sipping on some chai tea *zen*; howeverrrr, I also wanted to celebrate a friend, and it was the day before the event. So, off I went on a hunt for my white outfit.

Never give up, you may be right at the edge of your breakthrough!!

God bless the day Arundel Mills mall was established. This mall has some really nice boutiques and shops; you should check them out if you can.   After about 1.5 hours of walking around and almost giving up, I spotted a little boutique “Olive Ole” and after a few minutes of digging…I found THE ONE(s). LESSON TIP: Never give up, you may be right at the edge of your breakthrough!! *Hallelu!*

The bottom is a pencil skirt embellished with a gold steel-like band. I found it immediately I walked into the store, but I thought “now I have to find a white top in a sea of dresses. Ugh!!”

On I went…

The top is a Cotton stretchy peplum zip up jacket with zip detailing around the peplum hem. I found it in the boondocks of apparels and fell in love with it. I thought “well let’s see what this looks like.”

Once I paired both items in the fitting room I was sold on the outfit. Accessory ideas popped in my head, I tried them out once I got home, and we were A GO!

I decided to complete the outfit with a pair of nude pumps from LuLu’s, some nude earrings, and my fave nude kitty watch. I have to say, I loved this outfit. It was simple, effortless, and most importantly comfortable. Plus it ended my NO WHITE streak; miracles do happen! Lol

If you’re interested in purchasing similar items:

Peplum Top

Pencil Skirt

Nude Pumps

Nude Earrings

Remember: 1. Never say never…it’s a new year! 2. Don’t give up, what you’re looking for is at your reach. PUSH! 3. Miracles do happen. Look out for them!

Toodles loves!


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