Just Peachy: ATL livin’

Heeeeeeeeeey Lovies 🙂 !

I feel like it has been almost a year since I last blogged! My goodness how I’ve longed to communicate with you all! How is your summer going thus far?! What have you been up to?! I hope you’re living it up; I have!! *hehe* This summer is THE MOST eventful summer I have EVER, like literally, ever had!!! I’m sure there are many more things to do.

This time last month I was in Atlanta, Georgia with a few of my friends at the Pinky Promise Conference hosted by Heather Lindsey, a young, vibrant, and powerfully anointed woman who’s on fire for Christ (check out her blog here). Let me tell you, it was such an amazing experience to worship with women of God and be vulnerable in God’s presence. I enjoyed every minute of the conference from meeting PP Sisters, to the Quiet time, the Zumba session, the Modesty talk, the singles’ seminar, the clothing swap, THE WORSHIP TEAM….My Lord the anointing was intense and overflowing in that ballroom for all three days.

I honestly can’t pick one favorite moment from the entire conference; they were all impactful and heart wrenching in their ways. The first night was a night of worship and a call to total surrender to Our King Jesus; I essentially packed my luggage of frustrations, disappointments, and emotions from Baltimore, Maryland to Atlanta, Georgia determined not to return with the baggage, so the first night was timely. I loved that we got the opportunity to pour out the grime, pain, frustration, and confusion from our hearts unto Jesus before we received the Word over the next few days. God was there; I like to think of it as Jesus and I striking a deal and trading places “Come to Me, all of you who work and have heavy loads. I will give you rest.” I left every worship night filled up, yet lighter than I was at the beginning of that night (Sunday morning was just as awesome).

IMG_1363[1]   IMG_1306[1]

The overall message at the conference was reviving and refreshing. We all were reminded that our lives on earth are not about us but the kingdom of God. We were challenged to judge ourselves as the bride (The Church) waiting for her Bridegroom (Jesus) and also to review the way we are carrying out the Commission to “go ye therefore and preach the gospel.” Failure to fulfill the commission and our purposes will lead to blood on our hands; our disobedience concerning God’s assignments for us could very well wreck someone else’s life who may be walking in the wrong direction. Our life experiences are preparation for eternal worship to Jesus in Heaven; so how are you livin’? Talk about CONVICTION. 

Since we returned I can attest to the fact that I love more, on God, on myself, and on others. It literally oozes out of me all thanks to the Holy Spirit; I feel the urge to honor others, and I feel blessed to be a blessing! SERIOUSLY! I am less irritable than I was and less snappy than I was (I’m strongly Type A); I am much more relaxed TRUSTING that God is indeed in control of EVERYTHING about my life. I am more than convinced and reassured that if I concern myself with doing the things of the Lord, He will take great care of me… and He’s been doing a great job thus far! Life has taken on a new meaning of selflessness and freedom. I am living life appreciating the time I have in this season and exploring my environment. Don’t get me wrong there have been TESTS on TESTS on TESTS; mentally, but I now have a different and a better perspective on how this life of GRACE works (I hope to discuss this topic soon); Imperfectly working toward perfection.

Among the events I attended at the conference, the clothing swap was another exciting event. I was so elated that I had the opportunity to participate in the clothing swap. This is an event in which every lady brings in lightly used clothing items she no longer desires to wear, all the items are set-up in a boutique like manner, and essentially each lady is given an opportunity to “shop” for items she’d like. Now you know being the shopaholic fashion hunter that I am, I went in there DETERMINED to discover great finds, and guess what? I found a few gorgeous clothing items that I will be featuring on the blog in the near future *eeeeep!!*


SO, did I mention that it was my FIRST TIME in Atlanta? Yes, I was a newbie in THE ATL, so of course I had to check out what the city had to offer. Although it was severely HOT, as in 90degrees-at-9:00am-in-the-morning kinda hot, My friends and I had an amazing time at the World of Coca-Cola, the CNN Center, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and The Georgia Aquarium. The sights were simply breathtaking, especially at the aquarium. We got a chance  to observe the splendor of God’s creativity underwater. I was in absolute AWE at how sea creatures moved freely yet orderly; NO ONE can tell me God isn’t real.

I would love to share each and every single detail of my visit with you all, but I’d rather not bore you with that. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so here are a couple thousand lol. Enjoy!


We Found Nemo’s cousin “Deebo”
And Mr. Krabs….or Sebastian *hehe*
Check out the size of that thing!
IMG_1230[1]–The dolphins came out to PLAY!!

We were captivated **AWED**
We found the Happy Feet crew
I was a shameless Tourist (can you find me?) lol

Life sized soda bottle opener
Display at World of Coca-Cola
We tried up to 50 different flavors of coca-cola sodas around the world (F.Y.I. Some were kinda unpleasant)
Some more soda flavors



Inside CNN…the escalator goes through a life sized Globe.
One of the Media rooms; check out the number of monitors per desk.
A typical News Casting set-up…Scripts and all. Apparently there’s a camera behind the script screen; that way it looks like the news anchor is looking directly at us while reading.
Snizz and Me 🙂
A Mural in the Global Human Rights Movement exhibit

 These are just a few of many others. I hope to return to ATL someday, I may even move there….idk yet lol. In the mean time let me fill you in on a lil secret…you ready???

I will be traveling some more this summer as God continues to provide the opportunities. Who knows I may be in a city near you!

Auf Wiedersehen,


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