Sunshine Frock

Well Hello there lovely RADsters!

Happy Springtime!!! The season is well on its way and the weather is finally coming around. How was your Resurrection day, or as most people call it, Easter?! Mine was AWE-some; it’s my favorite day to celebrate, well after Christmas OF COURSE. Easter is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the grave. HE IS ALIVE!! He single-handedly overcame death and the grave…HALLELUYAH!… granting me, my brothers, and sisters in Christ the ability to cry ABBA FATHER. Oh how I love Jesus! *siiiigghh* I’m forever grateful for His sacrifice just to call me His own.

I decided to commemorate the most amazing day in the world’s history in this little Tan+Oxblood number (remember my slight obsession with oxblood?, still got it.)



The weather in Maryland was B.E.A.-utiful. The sun was out in all its glory, yet the day was windy, so I excitedly opted to mix and match my seasonal items. I chose to wear the light biker jacket because…well…it’s light jacket season lol. I immediately fell in lust with this “long” lace skirt when I saw it; it literally screamed “Moyo, you need me in your closet NOW!” and I agreed. I must say, it’s kind of my new fave because 1. It’s Oxblood, 2. It’s lace, but more importantly 3. It’s a contradiction…like me (don’t worry we’ll talk about this some other time.)

So anyway, considering the fact that it was such a gorgeous Resurrection Sunday, and I was in an extra cheery mood I had to strike a few poses. I dragged my brother along and away we went.





Biker Jacket:

 Chiffon Top:

Long Lace Skirt: (click here for similar skirt)

Single Strap Heels: (click here for similar heels)



Alrighty, it’s been fun chit chatting with you.

Peace + Love,

∼Moyo∼  IMG_0054[1]

For your listening pleasure:

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