Ghost of Christmas Past


Hey!  Hey!  Hey! It’s Throwback Thursday!

Today’s fashion post is barely a throwback considering the fact that it has not been a year since the pictures were taken, but who’s keeping track?? If you are…good.!

Antywhooo…I wanted to share my favorite Christmas outift to date. This outfit, like most I put together, was birthed from rush and f-rush-tration…teehee… This year I am praying and working hard to break my bad habit of wasting time and then running out the door with one shoe practically hanging off my foot….OK it’s not that bad, but you get the point. Punctuality is important; TIME IS MONEY!

So I woke up on Christmas morning with no idea of what to wear, all I knew was that I wanted to have something red incorporated into my outfit. Immediately I got a hold of my pair of red pants I knew I would need to play “connect the dots” with the rest of my outfit…GAME.ON! I had no plans to wear Christmas colors; however, as destiny would have it I donned a variation of red + green and topped it off with a cute little top hat I snagged at the dollar store. Below is the magic that occurred and #WhatIWore:





Top Hat: Dollar Store

Mossimo Chiffon Print Top:

Celebrity Pink Jeans:

Suede Pumps:

Clutch: A gift from Momma

I hope you had a joyful Christmas. It was the best I’ve had thus far.

Thanks for glancing back in time with me RADsters!

IMG_8515[1]Always remember “when you look good you feel good.”


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