Oxblood Belle

Hola Lovies!

How are you? How’s your New Year going so far? I hope you are still going strong with your resolutions; I’m struggling with mine already 😦 but I strongly believe that WE CAN DO IT!  

Weddings and church services (at certain churches) always create opportunities to put your best fashion foot forward, so when I’m presented with such opportunities I grab the bull by the horn and play dress up 🙂 With that said I was invited to a wedding, and I felt like being romantic with my look, so I decided to find my inner belle. I was also dealing with the oxblood fever, so I incorporated that into my outfit. Any fashion item looks GREAT in oxblood; in fact I’m wishing on a beautifully structured oxblood satchel (Jesus, please make it happen, Amen.) Look here for more oxblood inspiration. <- HA! Even the link is oxblood! (or maybe maroon)…lol anyway, let’s get back to business.

Here is what I wore:

Sometimes love makes me shy




Chiffon Dress: www.lightinthebox.com

Belt: www.rainbowshops.com

Clutch: Vintage

Ring: www.forever21.com

Sandals: www.justfab.com

*DISCLAIMER*: If you’re looking to purchase anything from lightinthebox, be ready to do a slight tweaking to your item. The prices are decent; essentially, you get what you pay for. I recreated my slit in the dress. If you want a slight DIY project and  customized clothing item, this could work for you.

Remember, “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”


Ciao Bella!


Here’s my little token to you…Happy Dancing

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