O.M.G my day has been super made thanks to you hunies! I noticed that you guys have shown my page sooo much love and attention.

So yea, I feel bad for always apologizing for not spending that much time with you lovies. The past few months (October through are typically filled with birthday, anniversary, thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations, and because I love to love, I have so many people with whom I celebrate. In all the celebrations however, I remember my blog family, so I occasionally sign in to catch up on what’s going on in blog world.

I wanted to take a break from allllll the ruckus to show you something amazing. Look at what you guys did! Ahhhhhhhhh this made my day!



Yep, that was all you! Y’all are awesome!! Thank you thank you so much for finding my ramblings worth the read.

Kiss kiss, and I promise I’ll be back to tell you all about the fun I’ve had this 4th quarter 🙂

Have a holly jolly Christmas!!! 🎄



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