Reston Rays Georgetown Gusts

Hey My Loves!

I have something exciting to share with you! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEP* The wait is finally O.V.E.R! I’m soooo happppyyy *in my Agnes voice*.

Drop everything you’re doing and join me in the merriment of the moment *cue the hustle music* OK… let’s settle down… Remember the shoot I mentioned that I did with my friend a few weeks ago? well…the pictures are finally ready, and I just couldn’t WAIT to share them with my web family!


For a few years I have assisted a few of my friends with shoots for their businesses or vocational interests, and I’ve been contemplating whether or not to step into the world of freelance modeling, specifically print modeling. I think I just might start taking it a bit more seriously, so if you have any tips or details on how to get started, I’d be more than glad to read about them in the comments or you could personally reach out to me 🙂 .

I recently reconnected with a high school friend of mine, and her sister was working on compiling a portfolio for her photography business. She asked me to assist her with modeling, and I obliged. I had such an amazing time planning, scouting locations, playing dress up, and shooting. GOSH, who knew so much work actually goes into creating a “perfect” shot? All in all, we were excited to explore Summer and early Fall in Reston, Virginia and Georgetown, D.C. and below are some of my favorite shots.


This look was accidental; it’s actually a sweater over a strapless blue dress and we loved it!




Moyo43Moyo56 Moyo73 Moyo81Moyo96






Moyo1 Moyo88

Cream Dress:

Multi Colored Aztec Print Skirt:

Cream Crop Top:

Black + Gold Sandals:

Black Sweater:

Blue Dress:


Jaycer Booties:

Orange Dress:

Black Tassel Earrings:

Faux Leather Jacket:

Stripped Basic Long Sleeve Tee:

Print Scarf:

Jean Pants: Can’t recall…I think

Knee High Boots:

Hope you enjoyed the lil glimpse into the fun shoots I had. If you’re interested in having a shoot you may contact Farah at


Stay cheery and RAD 🙂 !


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