Love + Happiness + COLOR


Oh how I’ve missed you! It’s been far too long since we last spent time together. Well, blame it on my somewhat busy schedule for the last 2 weekends; I’ve been in and out, up and down, celebrating life accomplishments with those I love. There is something about stepping into milestones with the people you cherish.

The most important one was the celebration of my friend’s Holy Matrimony…*siiiggghhh*…I just love LOVE. EVERYTHING about love makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Side Note: I am a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic! So anyway, I thought it befitting that the first “feature fits” would be a slightly biased recap of my friend’s wedding.

For those who may not know, I am Nigerian; born and raised for about 12 years. Our wedding celebrations are typically full of culture, exciting, exuberant, and vibrant in color. Wedding receptions are THE fashion week for traditional attire; from the various fabrics, prints, and outfit styles, to the creatively tied head scarves (Gele as we like to call it) and the colorful hand-made accessories. The fashion visuals are endless. You’ll notice that a lot of us had on the same material with different styles; this is what we call Aso-Ebi. Most friends and family members of the couple wear the material as a way to differentiate themselves. Oh, need I mention the amazing sight of bills floating aimlessly in the air atop the dance floor…*sigh*…I could just picture it. And NO it’s not like a scene at the strip club lol. Right about now you’re waiting on some visual contents….so let’s get on with it!

Makeup By ME
Here is a picture of me on my way to the reception. Unfortunately, I missed out on the church ceremony because I needed to help with preparations at the reception. Bummer!

My friend and Me with our Aso-Ebi.

IMG_6311[1]  IMG_6314[1]

These are the head-scarves (Gele) that most, if not, all women tie to complete their look for the evening…

IMG_6394[1] IMG_6395[1]

Front and back view of my dress for the night. I LOVED IT!! I needed little accessories to complete my entire look. Actually all I added was a pair of earrings, and I was


The beautiful bridesmaids and Maid of Honor in Peach and Teal.


Some of the crew…


A few more…


And then some more….lol


The Crew + the gorgeous Couple.


 Allow me to introduce the Bride and Groom:


IMG_6346[1]   IMG_6354[1]

Don’t they look amazing and regal?! So much elegance and style. I wish them both a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE! Filled with love, happiness, joy, and of course many babies!


OH YEA! I caught the bouquet at the wedding, by no efforts on my part, it literally fell on me. So……I guess I’m up next?? I look forward to meeting Prince Charming. LOL

That’s all for now,



P.S.: We were clearly biased on the coverage of the wedding since these are all pictures of the Bride’s friends and ummmm we’re the friends lol. No Shame! #Divas #PimpSquadForLife

Here’s a lil Afrobeat Tune for ya:

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