Piece of Gold

Hey Loves!

Hope you had a great weekend! I certainly did; took a personal leave for the most part and awarded myself with some much needed “me time” *content sigh*

FALL IS HERE and I LOVE IT! *Happy Dance*

Since Fall returned with a vengeance we’ve been slightly forced to start styling our outfits with light sweaters, jackets, and tights, while still trying to hold on to the euphoria Summer brings by sporting our cotton shirts and shorts/skirts…at least in these parts of North America. Mornings are COLD, Afternoons are…well…neither cold nor hot *disgruntled sigh*. Despite the wide range of temperatures we deal with in one day, Fall brings out my calm/zen counterpart. Something about the drop in temperature and the leaves changing color makes me a bit more cheery than usual; thinking about it now, it might be because I’m a Fall baby…heeeeeyyy. I’m in my natural habitat…I’m in the ZONE lol.

Anyway enough of the rants and ramblings, here’s what I was able to pull off with my favorite golden item. I love love LOVE this pleated faux leather skater skirt I bought about a year ago from an online European store. There was a sale and as most shop-a-holics would, I bought stuff I didn’t need….at the time.

I paired the skirt with a large black cardigan, a cotton racerback tank I bought in support of an organization I’m a part of (More info coming soon), black tights, black ballet flats, and a few accessories. The shirt reads “PrettyGirl®,” if you’d like to have one you can buy it here: http://www.prettygirlsreign.com. Read about it too!


IMG_5985[1]  IMG_5980[1] IMG_5978[1]

 Sweater: www.Target.com

Shirt: www.prettygirlsreign.com

Skirt: www.boohoo.com

Tights: www.bakershoes.com

Ballet Flats: Can’t recall, I’ve had them for a while…lol

Watch: www.charmingcharlie.com

Bracelet: www.shoedazzle.com

Earrings: www.charlotterusse.com

IMG_5990[1]Thanks for catching up with me!

Until nextime RADsters!


As always, get RAD and ROCK ON!:



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