Hey Loves!


In honor of the Gram world’s Thursday tradition of #TBT (Throwback Thursday for those who don’t know) I decided to travel down memory lane to the corner of Fashion avenue and RADfit drive.


I wore this outfit about 2 months ago to Sunday service at church. Confession Hour: I typically get dressed bottom-up; meaning that my shoes usually determine what my outfits will look like…well sometimes lol. This was honestly an experiment gone well as I’m still honing my craft of pairing items. Since I chose to wear bright colored shoes, I figured that it would be best for my outfit to be on the neutral-dark side of the color spectrum. Because the shirt fit me a bit loosely, I decided to add a skinny braided belt which would add a slight “pop” of color to the neutral/dark look. TIP: If you’re wearing a pair of bright colored shoes and would like to add an accessory to “pop-out” your overall look, choose an item within your shoes’ color family i.e., Reds and Oranges and Pinks. Remember shades matter as well. Happy pairing!




Blouse: www.Forever21.com

Braided Belt: www.HM.com

Pants: www.HM.com

Clutch: Don’t remember; I’ve had it for a long time.

Shoes: www.LoveCulture.com

Thanks for stopping by and stay RAD!



P.S.: Imagine me and yourself strutting to this on the runway of truth

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