Classic with a Purple twist

Hey loves! 👋♣HAPPY SUNDAY!!♣

I’m so excited to share #WhatIWore to church with you.

Sundays are my favorite because I get to play dress up a bit more than I have the opportunity to on weekdays. I’ve been feeling a bit classic lately with the simple Black and White look, but since I HAVE TO have some type of color in my outfits I decided to throw on a little purple + black tweed jacket. Little item pieces/accessories are perfect for making something so simple look….VA VA VOOM lol.





Crew-Neck Shirt:

Jacket: “Vintage” I believe I bought it from Barefeet® a few years ago.

Capri Pants: “Vintage” I’ve had them for a few years.


Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time RADsters!


P.S.: Just thought I’d share one of my new favorite songs. STAY RAD!

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