Natural Sight Vs. Supernatural Manifestation

My my my!!! I am mind blown, enlightened, fortified, I can see clearly! I absolutely love it when the Holy Spirit does this to me, it makes me feel like I have a special secret connection and access to God’s throne. The revelations I received from these passages are endlessly enriching.

In Matthew 27:37, Jesus’ accusers and “crucifiers” ridiculed and mocked Jesus saying “Behold the King of the Jews.” This ridiculous moment occurred because of their disbelief and perceived notion that 1. Jesus was in fact NOT the King of the Jews and 2. Jesus was in an unfavorable situation that couldn’t seem to birth Jesus’ prophecy that He in fact was and is King of the Jews. You see, at that moment in time the accusers and crucifiers had assumed that on that day Jesus would take His final breath never to live again. Due to their natural understanding and knowledge, it was quite impossible for a “man” who was in His final hours of life and treading towards the gates of death to manifest the things He claimed He would. In fact, in verse 40 they asked Jesus “You said you would destroy God’s temple and rebuild it in three days. Well then, if you’re indeed the Son of God come down and save yourself from the cross.”

In their human knowledge and understanding, they thought “yes, we’ve got you now. You claimed you’d perform miracles and spoke of yourself as the Son of God, why can’t you help yourself to those things now? How come it’s difficult for you to come down from the cross and show us signs that truthfully you are who you claim to be?” At the height of their natural knowledge and wisdom they expressed their lack of supernatural sight and understanding. They sought for signs without realizing that in reality they were in fact surrounded by those signs.

We are certain that Jesus is in fact the King of the Jews(check out Matthew chapter 1) and that He did in fact destroy the temple of God and rebuilt it in 3 days(death and resurrection). Now at Golgotha these 2 truths were clearly and distinctly made manifest and in that same moment the accusers and crucifiers didn’t or couldn’t see it. How interesting is that?! Their spiritual blindness came as a result of their perceived intelligence, their human knowledge and convictions.

Another interesting and amazing thing about this experience is the fact that God used these accusers and crucifiers to further manifest the truth, His Truth. Remember that sign that the Romans made and placed at the top of Jesus’ cross “Jesus, The King of the Jews.”? That was manifestation and proclamation number 1. Even though that was created with intentions to display how ridiculous they thought Jesus was by calling Himself that, they themselves proclaimed Him King of the Jews. They spoke it forth with their own lips and words. And through that confirmed the truth of God’s will. Manifestation number 2 was the scene at Golgotha itself. In that moment they participated in the destruction of the temple of God so that what Jesus decreed and proclaimed might come to pass in day 3. That which they questioned, they with their own hands and actions pushed into process to be manifested! GLORY!!

Now what baffled me in ALL these revelations was the fact that these accusers and crucifiers lacked spiritual sight. They didn’t see or understand that the SAME signs they were asking for and ridiculing Jesus about were happening right before their very eyes.

Somethings we experience as Christians seem to go against what we THINK or EXPECT God’s approach should be, but they may in fact be EXACTLY what God’s approach is. Our natural sight and understanding hinder us from SEEING God’s supernatural process and manifestation of His will and promise. This causes us to sometimes pray against that which God purposed for our good. Woo! We need to pray for our natural sight, mind, and understanding to be subject to and align with God’s supernatural process and manifestation. Another thing is this, those people who we seem to believe have choices and ability to deter God’s promises actually DO NOT. As much as they reject, refuse, or renege what we know is God’s will, they have NO POWER over God. In their moment of rejection and rebellion lies their participation in bringing to fruition what they strongly and tirelessly deny. God’s got it all under control! Their rebellion and denial is all a part of God’s immeasurable wonder and order. Just as the accusers and crucifiers expressed their disbelief, yet participated in the occurrence of what they disbelieved, your adversaries and nay Sayers will be integral parts of God’s manifestation of his Truth and glory.

Be Encouraged,


I’d like to provide an opportunity to those who are yet to meet with Jesus. If you have a deep desire to know Jesus and enter into the kingdom of God you are in great company. I did at some point in my life, and it was the greatest desire that God ever met!

I invite you to pray the sinner’s prayer: Dear Jesus, I accept that I am a sinner and I confess my sins before you. I believe that you died for my sins and rose again to give me new life.  I ask that you forgive me of my sins; cleanse me with your precious blood which you shed on the cross of Calvary. I accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit and strengthen me. I profess that I am a new creature; old things have passed away and I have become new in You. Thank You Lord! In Jesus name, AMEN!

If you prayed the prayer, WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM FAMILY!! Be sure to find a bible believing, Spirit led church in your city and purchase a bible in a version that you understand. I use the  New Living Translation, Message, or the New International Version. Enjoy the journey!

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